Create Your Dream Coastal Bedroom Transformation: Inspiration & Tips

Create Your Dream Coastal Bedroom Transformation: Inspiration & Tips

How to Create a Beachy, Seaside Escape with Your Bedroom Makeover

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It's no wonder people are drawn to the beachy sanctuary of a coastal-themed bedroom. There’s something undeniably serene about the soothing blues and whites, reminiscent of the ocean and sky, instantly evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Stepping into a coastal bedroom feels like a vacation at a modern yet boho seaside cottage, where the stresses of daily life melt away amidst the breezy, tranquil ambiance.

The blend of colors and textures creates an inviting retreat and captures the essence of a seaside escape, offering an everyday getaway right in your home.

Color Palette and Textures

When crafting the perfect coastal bedroom, the color palette is essential. Think of the hues of the ocean and sandy shores: a crisp white, a light sky blue, a deeper navy, and rich, earthy browns.

 These colors create a harmonious balance that is both refreshing and grounding.

Textures play an equally crucial role in achieving the coastal vibe. Set the foundation of the room with the softness of Egyptian cotton sheets with the rustic charm of natural and whitewashed woods, plus the airy elegance of linens.

For accents, try incorporating elements like roping, rattan, glass, and natural materials such as seashells will add layers of interest and authenticity to your beach-themed bedroom.

The Bed: The Heart of the Coastal Bedroom

The bed is undoubtedly the centerpiece of any bedroom, especially in a coastal-themed space that's all about relaxation. Our Beach Coastal Bedding Set is the perfect choice, striking a balance between a modern, fresh look and a classic coastal feel.

Beach Coastal Bedding Set on a bed - front view - Castle Home

This set's high thread count and exquisite embroidered patterns make it feel like a luxurious escape, which enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides the utmost comfort, ensuring your bedroom feels like a serene seaside haven.

Wall Decor

Wall decor is a vital aspect of your coastal bedroom makeover. Consider incorporating artwork that features beach scenes and nautical themes, like seascapes, ships, or marine life. Here are a few we love:

Heron on the Beach (Amazon)

Scenic Coastal Impressionist Art Print (Amazon)

In a room like this, not everything has to be traditionally framed art. Consider hanging oars to bring a touch of rustic charm:

Reclaimed Wood Wall Oar (Amazon)

Macrame hanging for an added boho look:

Boho Macrame Wall Hanging (Amazon)

Natural shell coastal mirror:

Natural Shell Coastal Mirror (Amazon)

No matter the specific pieces you pick, the goal is to reflect the beauty of the sea and create a calming visual escape.


When selecting furniture, aim for pieces that blend functionality with coastal charm and evoke a beach cottage feel.

Try whitewashed wooden dressers:

Carved Medallion Boho Chic Whitewashed Dresser (Amazon)

A headboard made from natural materials, like banana leaf, wood, or wicker:

Banana Leaf & Wood Headboard (Amazon)

Or a jute pouf:

Beige & White Jute Pouf (Amazon)

To drive home the curated, vintage feel, avoid overly matchy sets. The room should look like it was created over time from a variety of sources.

Tip: opt for furniture that is light and airy and that storage so you can feature your favorite decor without making the space feel cluttered with everyday items. 


Lighting can dramatically influence the mood of your coastal bedroom. Choose fixtures that provide a soft, warm glow, mimicking the natural light of a sunny day at the beach.

Pendant lights with beaded details can be a great choice:

Farmhouse Boho Beaded Light (Amazon)

Then, mix in some glass lamps:

Set of 2 Modern Coastal Glass Lamps (Amazon)


Remember, the aim is to create a soothing, inviting space that feels like a coastal retreat, so stay away from lights that are too harsh. 

Area Rug and Curtains

An area rug and curtains are key elements that tie the room together, so let's look at some options!

For the rug, consider something somewhat neutral that can define your space without overwhelming it, like this:

Neutral Blue & White Area Rug (Amazon)

Curtains should be light and airy, such as sheer white or light blue linens, allowing natural light to filter through and brighten the space:

Natural Blue Linen Curtains (Amazon)


Finally, the most fun part: accessorizing your coastal bedroom with items that bring the beach indoors!

Think glass vases or bottles filled with fresh flowers:

Set of 2 Nautical Glass Bottles

Mixed seashells to display in a bowl or on shelves:

Pack of 21 Mixed Ocean Seashells (Amazon)

And for a pop of green to keep the space fresh, a plant or two in a rustic container:

Grass Plant in Rustic Pot (Amazon)

Incorporating a mix of preppy, boho, farmhouse, and vintage elements will help you create a layered, lived-in look.

Don't forget to add a few soft materials to the room to bring the sophistication of Hamptons, Nantucket, or Cape Cod. Try a cozy throw blanket like this one:

Heather Blue Throw Blanket (Amazon)

Still Need More Inspo?


    Whether your style leans towards modern chic, cottage charm, or a boho beach vibe, these ideas will help you design a space that feels like an unbelievably relaxing vacation.

    No matter your exact style, creating a coastal bedroom is as easy as blending colors, textures, and decor to evoke the essence of a beachside retreat.

    We can't wait to see what you create!  Email us your photos at or tag us on your favorite social media.

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