Designing the Perfect Japandi Bedroom

Designing the Perfect Japandi Bedroom

A Harmonious Fusion of Japan and Scandinavia

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Stepping into a Japandi bedroom is like entering a serene sanctuary where simplicity and elegance coexist in perfect harmony.

This aesthetic, a blend of Japanese minimalism and cozy yet functional Scandinavian design, creates a modern space that feels both tranquil and welcoming.

People are drawn to Japandi design for its calming influence, its uncluttered beauty, and its ability to evoke a sense of peace and order in the room. The careful balance of form and function, combined with a focus on natural materials and neutral tones, makes this style a beloved choice for those seeking a restful retreat.

The Color Palette

The Japandi color palette we've selected is a soothing collection that enhances the room's tranquil vibe:

Imagine crisp white that reflects light beautifully, creating a sense of openness and purity. Add to this a light beige that brings warmth without overwhelming the senses, a cooling slate to ground the space with a touch of sophistication, and a richer beige that adds depth and coziness. Together, these colors work to create an atmosphere of calm and understated elegance.

Natural Textures

Texture plays a crucial role in Japandi design, bringing in the tactile beauty of natural materials.

We'll start with the luxurious feel of Egyptian cotton bedding, add the organic warmth of wood and the cool solidity of natural stone. To finish, we'll rely on the rustic charm of linen and the timeless elegance of ceramics.

Each material is purposefully selected to add visual interest and enhance the sensory experience of the room, making it a space where you can truly relax and unwind.

The Bed

At the heart of the Japandi bedroom is the Regal White Bedding Set, crafted from high-thread-count, luxurious Egyptian cotton:

Regal White Bedding Set on a bed - front view

Regal White Bedding Set

This bedding set epitomizes comfort and sophistication, offering a soft, inviting retreat to end the day - or maybe to linger in the mornings, if you practice hygge! 

The pristine white color adds a fresh, clean look, ensuring that the bed is not just a place to sleep but a focal point of serenity and luxury.


The furniture in a Japandi bedroom is all about the marriage of simplicity and functionality.

A simple, light wood platform bed creates a strong yet unobtrusive centerpiece:

Minimalist Wood Bed Frame (Amazon)

Floating nightstands add to the minimalist appeal, providing essential storage without clutter:

Floating Nightstand (Amazon)

Next, bring in a cozy, functional chair with clean lines to add a perfect spot for relaxation or reading. We love this unique look of this beauty:

Modern Accent Chair (Amazon)

Finally, a modern and minimalist dresser keeps belongings neatly organized:

Modern Minimalist Dresser (Amazon)

Wall Decor

Wall decor in a Japandi bedroom starts with an accent wall featuring Asian-inspired wood paneling, adding texture and a touch of nature. Try these easy to install panels:

Wood Slat Wall Panels (Amazon)

You'll also want to hang a large, modern, minimalist art piece with a limited color scheme to make a bold yet serene statement:

Framed Modern Abstract Art (Amazon)

For a hint of boho charm, add a wall hanging with natural fibers:

 Boho Macrame Wall Hanging (Amazon)

Complete the look with a coordinated set of minimalist paintings that have an organic feel, subtly enhancing the room’s serene and grounded atmosphere:

Set of 4 Framed Minimalist Botanical Prints (Amazon)

Rug and Curtains

Continuing with the theme of natural materials and neutral colors, light and airy linen curtains allow gentle light to filter through, enhancing the room’s traditionally calm ambiance:

Semi-Sheer Linen Curtains (Amazon)

A rustic woven area rug adds a layer of understated luxury underfoot, combining comfort with simplicity and reinforcing the room's cohesive look:

Hand Woven Jute Tassel Rug (Amazon)


To bring the organic feel of the Japandi style to life, start with some greenery. A large floor plant adds a touch of nature and freshness:

5' Bamboo Tree (Amazon)

Add one or two smaller plants placed throughout the room to provide additional bursts of calming green:

Ficus with Stone Planter (Amazon)

Next, enhance the room’s natural charm with a ceramic vase:

Set of 2 Modern Minimalist Vases (Amazon)

A stone colored figurine with clean lines to add the pop of slate color from our color palette:

Minimalist Stone Sculpture (Amazon)

And finish the look with an irresistible and ultra-soft throw blanket:

Modern Faux Fur Throw Blanket (Amazon)

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In both Japanese and Scandinavian design, every detail is carefully curated to create a space that is both beautiful and functional, serene and inspiring. By blending the best of these two aesthetics, you'll create a cozy, minimalist, and modern Japandi bedroom that is not just a place to sleep, but a true sanctuary of calm and comfort.

We can't wait to see how it turns out! Email us your photos at or tag us on your favorite social media.

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