Create a Bridgerton-Inspired Bedroom

Create a Bridgerton-Inspired Bedroom

It's Time for a Beautiful Regency Era Makeover

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In recent years, "Bridgerton" has captivated audiences worldwide with its sumptuous blend of Regency-era elegance and modern storytelling.

Viewers have fallen in love with its vibrant color palette, intricate designs, and opulent settings, longing to bring a touch of that magic into their own homes.

Imagine stepping into your newly decorated bedroom, where every detail exudes luxury and romance, transporting you to a world of sophistication and grandeur.

With our guide, you can create a Bridgerton-inspired Regency bedroom that combines historical charm with contemporary comfort, making every night feel like a lavish affair.

Embrace the Color Palette

Start your Regency transformation with a rich and regal color palette. Picture a soothing base of rich blue balanced by deep, luxurious green and accented with opulent gold and crisp, regal white:

Combined, these colors evoke a sense of timeless elegance and serene beauty, creating a space that is both inviting and grand.

Luxurious Textures

To achieve the ultimate Bridgerton aesthetic, pay special attention to textures. Opt for silky smooth Egyptian cotton bedding that feels like a dream against your skin. Incorporate velvets and rich damasks for that extra touch of opulence. Complement these with rich wooden furniture and bright gold metal accents to add layers of visual and tactile interest to your room.

The Bed: A Regal Centerpiece

The focal point of your Regency-inspired bedroom is none other than your bed! Start with our Regal White bedding set, known for its exquisite quality and luxurious feel:

Regal White Bedding Set on a bed - front view

Regal White Bedding Set

Next, choose an ornate bed with a gold headboard inlaid with blue velvet to create a striking and sophisticated look:

Blue & Gold Headboard (Etsy)

 For an added touch of Victorian drama, hang damask curtains at the head of the bed, framing it like a majestic canopy:

Jacquard Damask Curtains (Amazon)

Wall Treatments: Bold and Elegant

To set the scene for a romantic drama, adorn your walls with bold patterned wallpaper that incorporates the rich blue, deep green, gold, and regal white of our color palette:

Victorian Garden Wallpaper (Amazon)

This creates a cohesive and immersive environment.

Enhance the luxurious feel by adding crown molding and wainscotting, giving your walls depth and character befitting a grand estate. Try this DIY project guide:

DIY Crown Molding Guide (A Turtle's Life)

Furniture: Ornate and Timeless

Select furniture pieces that exude richness and detail. Find a velvet upholstered accent chair:

Olive Green Velvet Accent Chair (Amazon)

Add an antique vanity to add both functionality and charm to your room. We love this one:

White Vanity with Stool (Amazon)

Decor: Finishing Touches of Elegance

Complete your Bridgerton-inspired bedroom with carefully chosen decor. Ornate gold-framed paintings add an air of refinement:

Vintage Gold Framed Floral Painting (Amazon)

Elegant sconces provide soft, romantic lighting:

Set of 2 Candle Wall Sconces (Amazon)

Heavy velvet curtains enhance the sense of privacy and luxury:

White Velvet Curtains (Amazon)

Finally, place fresh flowers in a glass vase to bring a touch of natural beauty and a burst of color to your room:

Set of 3 Embossed Glass Vases (Amazon)

Need More Inspo?


By following these steps, you can create a bedroom that not only captures the enchanting aesthetic of "Bridgerton" but also offers a serene and luxurious retreat from the everyday world.

Embrace the elegance and sophistication of the Regency era, and let your bedroom become a sanctuary of timeless beauty and modern comfort.

We can't wait to see how it turns out! Email us your photos at or tag us on your favorite social media.

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