Street Style Bedroom Inspiration

Street Style Bedroom Inspiration

Create the Perfect Street Style Bedroom: A Guide to the 90s / Y2K Urban Aesthetic

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Street style bedrooms are making a comeback, combining urban flair with a cozy, modern twist. Whether inspired by the bold aesthetics of the 90s and Y2K or the edgy vibes of contemporary urban living, we'll walk you through the steps to achieve the perfect street style bedroom in this guide, ensuring your space is as unique and stylish as you are.

Color Palette and Textures

When it comes to the color palette, we've chosen a dynamic mix of red, green, yellow, blue and black.

This vibrant blend is perfect for creating an eclectic and funky vibe. Don't be afraid to add even more accent colors (in small doses!) to make your room uniquely yours.

For textures, lean into the urban edge with metals and brick elements. Balance these hard textures with luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding and soft materials like velvet or fuzzy blankets to maintain a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

This blend of cozy and urban elements will give your bedroom a distinctive street style aesthetic.


Because your bed takes up so much space in your room, deciding your bed covering early in the design process can help set the tone for the room. One thing to be mindful of is ensuring the look is adult and mature while capturing the fun and playful spirit of the 90s/Y2K.

The Castle Collection is the perfect solution for this dilemma due to its modern, stylish aesthetic, and the luxurious high thread count Egyptian cotton will make your room as comfortable as it is stylish.

Specifically, we recommend our Imperial Blue Bedding Set from the Castle Collection. Its bright blue hue offers a striking foundation for your room, providing a pop of color without overwhelming the space with distracting patterns.

 Imperial Blue Bedding Set on a bed - front view

Imperial Blue Bedding Set

If you'd rather ground your room in a different color than blue, check out the Castle Collection for more options, like black, dark gray, pink, purple, and a variety of blues and neutrals. The solid colors and modern aesthetic of the collection make it easy to mix and match, allowing you to substitute any set to suit your taste. 

Wall Decor

Next up is wall decor. This is where the aesthetic starts to come to life! To make your walls pop, incorporate bright and bold components like neon signs:

Hamburger Neon Sign (Amazon)

Graffiti wallpaper:

Graffiti Wallpaper (Amazon)

Or old-school posters. Check out this set of 80 vintage rock posters we found - it's sure to have something for everyone and give you a great bang for your buck:


Set of 80 Vintage Music Posters (Amazon)

These elements capture the essence of street style and bring a touch of nostalgia and personality to your space. Whether you go for a grunge vibe with distressed posters or a more modern aesthetic with sleek wall art, the key is to make a statement.


Once you have the big design elements in place, it's time to choose furniture that balances quality and modernity with a throwback touch. For example, a streamlined desk provides function and a contemporary look:


Modern Look 71" Computer Desk (Amazon)

And a coordinating (but not overly matchy) headboard or bed keeps things visually interesting. This bed even has a charging station, drawers and LED lights:


Modern Black LED Bed (Amazon)

Next, consider adding a fun chair or footstool to enhance the cozy factor and provide extra seating.


Green Hand Chair (Etsy)

This mix of modern and retro pieces will give your bedroom a unique urban feel.

Accents and Decor

When it comes to accents and decor, anything goes! It's easy to get excited about all of the decor in this style, but don’t forget essential items like a rug and curtains to tie the look together and define different areas of your room:

Splash Area Rug (Amazon)

Proper lighting is crucial for functionality and ambiance, so consider a mix of overhead lighting and table or desk lamps. Because many of your other elements will be "over the top", this is a good place to go a little more subtle so the look doesn't become overdone:

Silver Desk Lamp (Amazon)

Lastly, personal touches, like a colored oil drum that doubles as a quirky table,  displaying your sneaker collection, or adding grunge-inspired accessories, adds to the street style aesthetic and makes the room uniquely yours.

Need More Inspo?

Creating a street style bedroom is all about blending the old with the new, the rugged with the refined. By following these tips, you can design a space that reflects your personality and provides a cozy, stylish retreat.

If you still need more tips or ideas, check out our Street Style Bedroom Ideas Pinterest Board:

And don't forget to follow us on Pinterest!

Now all that's left is to dive into the 90s and Y2K aesthetic, embrace the urban modern look, and make your bedroom the ultimate street style haven.

Make sure to send us pictures of your finished look. You can email us at, or tag us on your favorite social media platform.

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