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Egyptian Cotton

Renowned for its silky softness and superior breathability, Egyptian Cotton redefines luxury sleep. Each thread balances strength with delicacy, creating bedding that's both lightweight and durable. It is easy to clean for long-lasting luxury, and its cool, dry comfort makes it the ideal choice for discerning sleep enthusiasts.

  • Silky Soft Touch
  • Ultra-Breathable
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Easy to Care For

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lucy Wong
Beautiful on our bed

It was wrinkle free and buttery soft upon opening the package. It washed well and dried wrinkle free. It had no loose threads or weird package issues/smells that many low price point fabric items tend to have. The size was pretty much exactly that of my king inserts, which isn’t always the case, even when ordering such a standard size duvet cover. Overall quality for the price is far exceeding any expectations! (Dog insists on being on the bed any time I look at it, so obviously she approves, too)

Lee Arnold
Pretty and comfy

I hadn’t bought a duvet cover in a long time because they used to be so pricey. I bought this to try and love it so far. Well worth the price!

Hattie Vaughn
Beautiful Quality

This bedding ensemble is far more than what I expected. The quality is A+ and the beauty is breathtaking.

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